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Choffers.Com Covid-19 Safety Protocol

  • Posted by: Godden

In these challenging times, due to Covid-19, Choffers.com is diligent in offering its clients outstanding yet safe transport services. Client’s well-being and safety have become our top-notch priority. Following the Government’s guidelines for coronavirus, we have devised our Choffers.com Covid-19 safety protocol for employees and clients.

Covid-19 Safety Protocol of Choffers.com

As safety is of prime importance at Choffers.com, we have taken all significant measures. We understand that in current times, adherence to strict rules is the practical approach. Our chauffeurs have been guided about these safety protocols. Choosing Choffers.com, a private hire car service, is your safest choice in Spain because we:

  • Use proven cleaning products to disinfect our vehicles and follow a standard procedure for regular cleansing.
  • Dispose of the waste material in a highly protected manner.
  • Identify high touch areas that have more risk of contact.
  • Clean high touch areas vigorously and frequently other than standard cleaning process.
  • Ensure availability of sanitisers, masks, gloves, and disinfectant spray.

Further, we have set particular guidelines for our chauffeurs, clients, and vehicles.

For Chauffeurs

  • All our employees and chauffeurs go through health screening before joining the office. Temperature screening is essential before and after each shift.
  • Chauffeurs will wear masks as a shield to cover their faces. Also, disposable gloves have been provided to drivers for use while handling the luggage or high touch areas.
  • Chauffeurs will not shake hands with the clients. They will keep the recommended 1.5 meters physical distance, whenever possible.
  • Chauffeurs will have sanitisers, gloves, masks, hand wipes, and disinfectant spray all the time.
  • All employees will observe frequent hand washing and adherence to safety protocols.
  • Chauffeurs will open and close the doors, and load your luggage in the car.

For Vehicles

  • We thoroughly clean, sanitise, and disinfect our vehicles before and after each journey. Cars go through the daily cleansing routine – with particular attention to high touch surfaces such as handles, armrests, and seat belts.
  • We have removed client amenities from the vehicles to ensure less contact.
  • We do not recommend shoulder-to-shoulder sitting unless family or friends are travelling together.
  • Limited physical contact and sharing between clients and chauffeurs in vehicles are advisable.
  • Vehicles have masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, and spray available all the time.
  • We ensure proper ventilation in the vehicles; we keep windows open for the circulation of fresh air (subjected to weather conditions).

For Clients

  • We request clients to wear masks during their journey with us.
  • Hand sanitisers and gels are available for clients in the vehicles.
  • We ensure limited capacity with physical distancing within vehicles.
  • It is advisable to refrain from sitting in the passenger seat.

Final Words

Our goal is to offer a safe and pleasant journey for our clients. Choffers.com is taking care of all standard and systematic procedures for safety and precaution. Covid-19 has called for extra safety protocols, and we have adapted them instantly.

We wish our clients to have a comfortable and luxurious travelling experience with us. Therefore, lay your doubts to rest and travel with confidence. We will secure your journey by adhering to Choffers.com Covid-19 safety protocol strictly.

Author: Godden