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Covid-19 Safety Measures Taken By The Spanish Government

  • Posted by: Godden

The rise in Covid-19 cases has put a hole in the world’s economy. Covid-19 pandemic hit hard Spain’s tourism industry. However, the Spanish government took strict measures and precautions to control the spread of the virus. Due to the prompt attempts, Spain is now a safe destination to travel and visit.

The Spanish government has issued safety protocols to make the country secure. To diminish the fears of visitors and to ensure healthcare safety, the government provided the following list of guidelines.

Main Safety Measures Applied By Spanish Tourist Services

  • To thoroughly disinfect and clean the shared items such as pens, keys, and cards. Also, use products with established evidence to kill the virus for cleaning activities.
  • Tourist companies and services will have hand sanitiser and gels available all the time.
  • To reduce the working hours of public places, including restaurants and nightlife establishments.
  • To reduce the influx of people in tourist places, pavements, restaurants, and confined places.
  • To facilitate the maintenance of at least 1.5 meters of social distance between people.
  • Encourage the usage of contactless services during payments and other activities.
  • To prioritise the use of disposable items.
  • Mask is compulsory at public places for the people over the age of six.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in places where keeping at least 2 meters distance is difficult.

Further, additional safety measures also apply to some specific domains.

Before Arriving In Spain

If you plan to travel to Spain right now, you have to sign an individual FCS form. You can sign it electronically and submit online. This form is available at Spain Travel Health website and apps. Upon signing the form, you will receive a QR code that you have to present when you arrive in Spain. Remember, this form and QR code is specific for each individual. Each person must fill it separately for each trip.

Moreover, all the visitors arriving in Spain will go through multiple health checks. These health checks may include obtaining temperatures, checking general health status, and looking through all the documents. You should have your FCS form to show on request.

Safety Measures For Transport Services

Public transport and tourist transport services will reduce occupancy. Masks are a compulsion when you are travelling in public transport. Also, transport services will ensure increased ventilation and regular disinfection for improved hygiene.

From the beginning till the last stop of the journey, traveller can’t change their seats. All the rental vehicles will keep a long time duration between customers. Moreover, the Spanish Government encourage the use of disposable objects during the journey.

Protocols For Tourist Places

All tourists’ places, including museums, amusement parks, beaches, and sights, have to limit occupancy. Digital system replaces the maps, individual leaflets, hand-operated, or manual machines.

Visitors have to sign an affidavit to assure that they understand and accept the health and safety measures. Along with it, masks are compulsory at all public and tourist places.

Safety Measures For Restaurants

For restaurants, the guidelines include keeping tables 1.5 meters apart to maintain social distance. Disposable, single-use products substitute the utensils and cutlery. Further, booking in advance and use of self-service is encouraged.

Restrictions For Hotels In Spain

For Hotels, the Spanish Government has put particular restrictions to ensure guests’ safety. Intensified cleaning with multiple disinfecting routines is necessary. Also, several hotel services are banned, such as valet parking, buffet, or ironing services.

Digital menus are available for bars and restaurants. Provision of hygiene kits in each room is advisable for hotels. Receptionists will greet the guests from a safe distance and ensure less contact in all situations.

Author: Godden